Following some recent developments, which I wrote about on my blog here, I’ve decided to change the way this page works.

The original goal was to list all the relevant projects I could find in the UK (and indeed elsewhere). However, that is likely a sisyphean task, due to the sheer number and variety of projects out there – from small community gardens to big commercial projects. Equally, since there are various other organisations that keep lists in their various sectors, I’d probably also be reinventing the wheel to no great purpose.

However, that recent development came from a conversation, in which it was mentioned that potential sites had been found by looking at the buildings at risk register. It occured to me, that this could be cross-referenced with the Councils Project, which established which councils had development policies likely to be conducive to the setting up of regrowth-type projects.

The end result would be a set of target councils (as above), with a list of buildings at risk within those council areas. These would be the ‘low hanging fruit’ for regrowth projects – accessible, affordable and often ideally located.

That seems to me to be a more specific and useful way of helping projects get started. Watch this space for results!